Scientific committee

Il Despite the increase of both the aging population and the number of institutionalized older people, clinical research in nursing homes is still scarce. Research is, however, essential to improve the quality of care in the nursing homes.

The improvement of the quality of care in the nursing home will rely on future evidence from researches performed in these settings, their feasibility in real life conditions and the successful dissemination of these new clinical evidences.

Nursing Home Research International Working Group LONG-TERM CARE RESEARCH offer an opportunity to learn and share ideas, and promote current knowledge among researchers in the field of nursing home care.



• Juergen Bauer (Germany)
• Athanase Benetos (France)
• Roberto Bernabei (Italy)
• Matteo Cesari (France)
• Lorenzo Donini (Italy)
• Martin Finbarr (UK)
• Jaime Fitten (USA)
• John Morley (USA)
• Graziano Onder (Italy)
• Yves Rolland (France)
• Philipe de SOUTO BARRETO (France)
• Antoni Salva (Spain)
• Jos M.G.A. Schols (Netherlands)
• Bruno Vellas (France)