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Throughout its millenary historical trajectory, Rome has always played the role of a major political, economical and cultural force. Nowadays Rome capitalizes, from a tourist point of view, on the memory of its major historical achievements, displaying a seemingly endless array of archeological sites and architectural gems, though, if truth be told, the fashionable and modern side of Rome is just as much worth exploring and admiring.

Counting as one of the first top tourist destinations in the world, Rome, the capital of Italy, rightfully exalts the shine of its past. Nowadays Rome, the former scene where figures like the Roman emperors, gladiators, popes and artists intertwined in an intricate and fascinating plot, lives up to the surname of Eternal City, since it continues to mesmerize visitors all over the world. It is a contemporary landmark of international tourism and a must-visit for all passionate globetrotters.

A unique feature of Rome is Vatican City is located within the confines of its administrative and geographical territory. Vatican City is the hub of catholic Christianity on Earth, and it contributes with its specific attractions to the tourist prestige of Rome.

Rome literally bursts with things to see and places to visit. The Coliseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon count as some of the most important archeological sites, whereas Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and Campo de Fiori are just a few of the public squares tourists can explore at leisure while strolling around in Rome.

Fontana di Trevi is but one of the majestic fountains in Rome, whereas the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter is the height of all religious places of worship in Rome. The latter is located in Vatican, Vatican City being in itself a core of attractions in Rome.


Book your hotel room at the Nursing Home Research venue

This year again NHR has negotiated a special price for hotel rooms, the special deal available only for NHR 2018 attendees.

Reservation method:

Electronic reservation, at the contracted rate ( 148 euros  per night , including breakfast – City Tax 6 € not included)  , can be done by entering all reservation details, together with the group booking code CEL before the 12th July 2018 at the following URL:

Each participant will have to reserve before the 12th July 2018, any further reservation will be subject to hotel availability.
The above rate is available for any pre/post stay according to the hotel availability.

For any issue with your request (booking, dates, rates, room type …) do not hesitate to contact

Christophe (Kris Events) at or
by phone +33 6 15 93 22 82